The Ripple Effect: Hidden Costs of Courtship Cues

The one fundamental quality shared unwaveringly among all living species is the commitment to reproduction. Thus, remarkable courtship behaviors have evolved among species dedicated to attracting a promising mate. These include distinctive songs, conspicuous display of plumage, bright colors, and bioluminescence and offering of shelter and food. Needless to say, every advertised mating cue poses … Read more

Breakthrough in Science’s Price: Life Sciences Breakthrough Prize

Without a doubt, the most coveted honor in any academic field, including life sciences, is the Nobel Prize. At a lavish ceremony held annually at Stockholm, the laureate receives a regal gold medal, an exclusive diploma and a hefty cash prize-currently amounting to USD1.2 million.  In addition, the laureate also receives the ultimate worldwide validation … Read more

Scent of a Hymenopteron

Division of labor to maximize fitness is a phenomenon seen in several insects of the order Hymenoptera, including bees, ants and wasps. The extraordinary system entails a single queen responsible solely for reproduction; and the rest for all other tasks; building the nest, protecting against predators, gathering food. The queen ensures authority over reproduction by … Read more